Look What’s Coming Up!

Look What’s Coming Up!

I literally just planted these within the last two weeks!

I had bought a bunch of bulbs – tulips, hyacinth, and two kinds of big purple onions, with every intention of planting them last fall. It was the first time doing this for myself, and I was determined to see some beautiful things coming up out of the ground in the Spring as a result of my own hands doing some digging in my own yard.

But best intentions…the bulbs sat in my extra room, right off the deck for the entire winter. The lucky thing about this though is that that room was cold, cold enough to act like the outdoors, which is what bulbs need when they go dormant for the winter. That room has a heater in it but I never turned it on because I don’t use the space except to pass through on my way outside.

So I planted them two weeks ago under my big Oak tree just off my deck…

And they’re starting to come up. And I’m ecstatic!

It’s a lovely and reassuring thing to see that we don’t have to pay attention to nature every second and it’s going to do it’s own thing no matter what. We as humans try to control nature, or ignore it, or even do not-so-great things to it, but it operates on its own time, to it’s own rhythm. Being a landscape designer, it’s my job to be close to nature, to be out in it no matter the weather, to pay attention to it, even when I don’t.

It’s good to know nature will do it’s thing, whether I pay attention, or not.

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