A Spot To Relax

A Spot To Relax

This is one of my favorite places to sit, with an early morning cup of tea, or a glass of wine just before dinner, after spending time outdoors on a beautiful sunny Jersey day. It has a treehouse feel to it, up on a hill and in the woods…

I’ve come to cherish sunny days a lot lately. As I get older I like the sun a more than the rain and snow, although I know both are a necessary element to nature and humans.

I used to live in Arizona, and if it can be imagined, after 10 years there I actually got tired of so much sun! I look back on that and think it was crazy to feel that. These days, I’m just always thankful for a mild, warm, bright day full of sunshine. Just makes my mind and body happier.

So as I write this, more warmth is just around the corner. Those hydrangea and Double Impatiens on the left and Creeping Jenny, ferns and other annuals you see in my big beautiful sturdy ceramic pot, were planted last Spring, and I enjoyed them right up through November.

The pot is empty now, everything having been taken out after last year’s first winter frost, and is waiting for the next beautiful arrangement to be created in it. Can’t wait to see what I can gather to plant in the new one!

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