Right Around the Corner!

Right Around the Corner!

How lucky are we to live in a climate that supports the growing of annuals with color like this?

Unless you’re a snowbird, it’s at this time that a lot of us are so thankful that winter is almost done and planting season begins. Working with flowers like these are why I do what I do – it’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by this beauty day after day.

Just as sure as Winter transforms into Spring, these colorful annuals, along with perennials, shrubs and trees soon arriving in the nurseries, are going to be transforming your landscape into something incredible, too.
What you have now, even if you have older shrubs that have become large and overgrown, is a blank canvas. Over the years I’ve seen countless transformations of landscapes, and not only is it satisfying for our clients to see their landscape come to life, it’s really gratifying for us too. New plantings, along with a new garden path, a new front walkway, a really cool fire pit, or some freshly planted pots on the deck, just brighten your home and make you want to spend time in your outdoor spaces, there’s no denying it.

What can we create for you in 2020?

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